"The chores that used to mean a trip in the car can now be done from a chair, with a cup of tea by my side."

"No more filling in endless paper forms! Applying for benefits like Universal Credit has never been easier!"

MoneyAnother wonder of the internet is its helpful capacity to make dull tasks quicker and easier to achieve. Banking, shopping and applying for government services can both be done online. There’s endless fun to be had in rootling out bargains and browsing through the enormous range of products in online shops as well as having the convenience of making payments and applying for benefits online.  

Government services

Applying for benefits and renewing your passport is as easy as filling in a form online..these guides will show you how..

Bills & services

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A guide to Wandle’s digital services

Wandle has a website (www.wandle.com) that you can use to manage many of your housing needs, from paying your r

Making & saving money online

Here's the low-down on some of the great opportunities to make some extra money and find amazing deals online.

Online shopping

Fun, convenienent and often money-saving, shopping online has loads of benefits.

Online banking

Be your own bank manager with these guides to banking online.

Product reviews

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