“I consider myself quite good with technology but wasn't always sure how to help others. Now I have taken the course it has helped me with tips and advice on how to support others and I now feel confident in doing so.”

– Lisa, Digital Champion, Age UK Leeds

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Digital Champions Essentials

DCs matter digital badge
Why Digital Champions Matter

Helps Digital Champions understand more about their role and the difference it can make. Average study time: 5 minutes

Understanding learners digital badge
Understanding learners

Shows the typical barriers learners might face with gaining digital skills and how to give them the right support. Average study time: 5 minutes

Safeguarding digital badge
Safeguarding: Keeping you and your learners safe

The dos and don’ts for staying safe as a Digital Champion and how to keep learners safe too. Average study time: 5 minutes

Others safe online digital badge
Helping others stay safe online

Highlights how fears around internet safety can be a barrier to getting online and how to overcome them with learners. Average study time: 5 minutes

Planning a session digital badge
Planning a session

How to plan and set up a structured Digital Champion session. Average study time: 5 minutes

Running a session digital badge
Running a session

Tips for working with a new learner and running successful digital skills sessions. Average study time: 5 minutes

Supporting specific learning groups: Older people

Essentials badge
Essentials for engaging older people

Developed in partnership with Age UK.This course covers the essential techniques and approaches for engaging and teaching older people. It explores areas like adopting an effective tone of voice and manner and supporting some of the common accessibility issues, such as vision, hearing and dexterity. It also addresses older people’s heightened anxiety about internet security. Average study time: 40 minutes

Digital Fun badge
Digital fun: using the internet to help people love later life

Developed in partnership with AgeUK. This course looks at the importance for older people to have hobbies and interests, and how being digital can amplify those benefits. It considers how the internet can be used as a tool for reconnecting with past interests, memories and events and how to use digital to help people stay physically and mentally active and. Average study time: 20 minutes

Supporting specific learning groups: Accessibility needs

Identifying badges
Identifying accessibility needs.

Exactly that, a bite-size course that helps Digital Champions sensitively identify a person’s accessibility needs. Average study time: 5 minutes

Deaf badge
Working with learners who are deaf or hard of hearing

Here Digital Champions will learn what teaching methods to use for someone with a hearing impairment. Average study time: 10 minutes

Learning disabilities badge
Working with people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

A bite-size course that shows Digital Champions how to support someone with a learning difficulty or disability with being online. Average study time: 5 minutes

Dexterity badge
Working with learners with a physical disability or dexterity issue

This course gives Digital Champions an overview of different accessibility needs when using technology and highlights the appropriate teaching methods for different physical disability and dexterity

Memory loss badge
Working with people with memory loss

Digital Champions will learn how to help someone with memory loss get the most out of digital technology. Average study time: 5 minutes

Visual impairment badge
Helping learners with a visual impairment

A detailed course that increases a Digital Champion’s understanding of the technology barriers faced by people with a visual impairment. It shows Champions strategies and tools for helping users benefit from technology, from adapting the software to useful apps and signposting.  Average study time: 20 minutes

Helping others with essential digital skills

Helping others remotely badge
Helping others remotely

This course shows Champions how to teach someone digital skills remotely, whether that is via telephone and email or using video tools such as Zoom and Skype. It covers the right teaching techniques for remote support, how to run a remote session safely and how to troubleshoot problems when you’re not with a learner. Average study time: 15 minutes

ESOL Digital skills badge
Helping someone with limited English to develop digital skills

Shows Champions how to help someone whose first language isn’t English to develop their digital skills and confidence.  Average study time: 15 minutes

ESOL health badge
Helping someone whose first language isn’t English with using online health services

Helps Champions understand the barriers non-English speakers face when accessing health services online and how to overcome those barriers. Average study time: 15 minutes

Customers online digital badge
Using your role to help get customers online

A course for staff in frontline, customer-facing roles. Created in partnership with the London Borough of Waltham Forest, it helps staff understand how to engage people with digital participation in light touch ways as part of their role. It’s also available in Welsh. Average study time: 30 minutes

Colleagues digital badge
Helping colleagues with digital skills

A course for Digital Champions at work. Created in partnership with workplace skills expert, Elizabeth Marsh, the e-learning shows how to support colleagues with digital skills. It teaches how to overcome potential learning barriers and how to recruit other Workplace Digital Champions. Average study time: 50 minutes

Digital payslips digital badge
Helping others understand digital payslips

Developed in partnership with UNISON this course is for staff Digital Champions. It shows them how to help colleagues understand and access their digital payslips, how to determine their level of digital skills and where to signpost for further support. Average study time: 30 minutes

Helping people manage their health online

The benefits of managing health online

Find out how a Digital Champion can make a difference and why using online health tools and resources can benefit everyone. Average study time: 5 minutes

Open bagde
Understanding your learners: barriers and specific needs

Understand some of the barriers learners may face in managing health online and how to help with specific needs including older people, accessibility and English as a second language. Average study time: 7 minutes

Open badge
Keeping you and your learners safe

How to advise your learners about online safety and security and know what to do if there is a safeguarding concern. Average study time: 5 minutes

Open badge
Getting to know NHS online services

Supporting learners to use key NHS online health resources, including the NHS website, NHS App and online consultations. Average study time: 12 minutes

Open badge
Putting your Digital Champion support into practice

How to make the best use of different types of digital skills intervention, depending on your learner’s needs and the time available. Average study time: 8 minutes

Open Badge
Supporting someone to manage their health online remotely

How to support someone with digital skills remotely, overcoming barriers to remote learning and effective teaching tools and techniques.  Average study time: 15 minutes

For adults with learning disabilities

Great DC badge
How to be a great Digital Champion

Designed by people with learning disabilities, this course shows adults with learning disabilities how they can be a Digital Champion and help their peers with digital skills.  It has six interactive sections that cover teaching techniques, how to run a digital skills session and how to provide that help in a safe way, for both the Champion and the learner.  Average study time: 60 minutes

Delivering Project Manager success

Brilliant digital champions programme digital badge
How to run a brilliant Digital Champions programme

Shows project managers to get a Digital Champion project up and running and build partnerships, opportunities and momentum for long-lasting impact. Average study time: 20 minutes

Supporting adults with learning disabilities

Open badge
Learning about learning disabilities

Explore the difference between learning disabilities and learning difficulties, levels and types of learning disability and how they affect everyday function. Average study time: 5 minutes

Open badge
Handling communication challenges

Understand and overcome communication barriers when helping someone with a learning disability. Average study time: 12 minutes

Open badge
Boosting confidence and experience

How to boost the confidence and experience of someone with a learning disability through teaching techniques and identifying opportunities. Average study time: 6 minutes

Open badge
Building skills

How to build the skills of someone with a learning disability. Average study time: 5 minutes

Open badge
Why work matters and how to find it

Learn about the employment landscape for people with a learning disability and how you can help them look for opportunities. Average study time:  5 minutes

Open badge
Finding work opportunities

How to identify appropriate job, work experience and voluntary opportunities for a person with a learning disability and support them with their job search. Average study time: 6 minutes

Open badge
Getting a foot in the door

How to support someone with a learning disability apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. Average study time: 6 minutes

Open badge
First day at work

How to help someone with a learning disability feel confident as they prepare to start a new job. Average study time: 4 minutes

Inspiring employees to tackle digital exclusion

What is digital inclusion and why does it matter?

Understand what digital inclusion is and the impact digital exclusion can have, including the profound effect of Covid-19. Average study time: 10 minutes

What are digital skills anyway?

Understand what stops people from going online and the important difference between Essential Digital Skills and Foundation Digital Skills. Average study time: 10 minutes

Small acts of help can make a big difference

Understand why digital skills are more vital than ever and the approaches needed to effectively help someone to be online. Average study time: 10 minutes

Making a digital pledge

How to take positive digital inclusion action by creating a thoughtful and personalised pledge to someone’s digital skills need. Average study time: 10 minutes

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