Digital inclusion services

Digital Unite has been delivering digital skills training and development since 1996 and is the UK’s leading supplier of online digital learning resources and support.

Through our range of digital inclusion solutions and with our flexible approach we have successfully improved digital literacy with a wide range of partners, including Government departments, public sector and commercial organisations, industry stakeholders, charities and social enterprises.

All of our products and services are practical, sustainable and scalable, can be tailored to suit any network and can be used in all parts of the digital inclusion cycle. Our proven experience and independence as an organisation makes us an agile partner for the delivery of any digital inclusion initiative and a leading voice in the digital skills arena.

Online courses

Would you like to develop your skills in teaching others about digital technology? Take your digital championing to the next level with our innovative courses...

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Your own Digital Champions Network


If you have your own network of Digital Champions then we can help you create your own bespoke online training and support platform.

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Insights and evaluation

With 19 years in the digital skills arena and a network of over half a million members we can provide that all important insight for developing digital inclusion strategies.

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Free guides for your website

You can include our full range of over 400 how-to computer guides on your website with a bespoke portal page. Take a look here to see how dozens of other organisations have done just that. >>Find out more

Workshops and public events

As a leading delivery organisation in the digital skills arena Digital Unite regularly participates in national and regional forums, conferences and workshops.

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