Best ... uses for a smartphone

From camera to travel companion to bargain hunter - smartphones do so much more than make calls!

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2. Using your phone as a travel companion

Your smartphone can be easily transformed into the ultimate travelling companion, with just a few easy-to-use apps installed. Try these to get your started:

  • Seatguru (iOS/Android) is a free app that helps you find the best seats for your chosen journey, find cheapest flights and stay up to date with real time flight updates
  • Triposo is a free app available for all major smartphones. Find out what to see, what to eat and where to stay. With downloads of information and maps for more than 8,000 destinations worldwide. 
  • Glympse (iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry) allows you to share your location with friends, who can then plot your journey 
  • National Rail Enquiries offers a free iOS and Android app for finding train times across the UK.