How to use email on Windows 8


Windows 8 comes with a new Mail app that you can be used with some of the more popular types of email account. This guide will explain how to set it up and use it.
There are three different types of email account – POP (Post Office Protocol), IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and EAS (Exchange ActiveSync). Windows 8 Mail works with IMAP and EAS. If you are not sure which type of account you have, you should ask your email provider for advice. If you know it is a POP account, you could ask them whether it would be possible to change your account to IMAP.
Note that the Mail app does not work with Yahoo accounts so with those you would need a different program e.g. Windows Live Mail, or you can download a Yahoo Mail app from the Windows Store. 
Please note, this guide is written for desktop and laptop users, however there are some similarities for users of tablet computers running Windows 8. If you need to ask for specific help on Windows 8 tablets, please use our Q&A message board
You’ll need:
  • A computer with Windows 8 installed
  • Internet access.
Windows 8 mail tile
Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up email on your Windows 8 machine
Step 1: Click the Mail tile on the Start screen. (See right)
Step 2: On the left, click your email provider. 
Windows 8 email provider
If it isn’t shown, click View all in Settings and then click Other Account.
Windows 8 add an email account
Step 3: Now type your email address and password into the boxes.
Windows 8 add email account
Step 4: That’s it! Mail should now open and show you your Inbox with the messages you’ve received in the past two weeks.
Windows 8 mail
Your Mail inbox 
The first column shows your email folders. Click on any of these to see a list of messages in the middle column. Click on a message to read it in the third column.
Step 1: To see messages that are older than two weeks, click go to Settings. Under Download email from click the arrow to see a drop down list to choose from. Click to choose, wait a few seconds and you should see more messages appear in the Inbox.
Seeing old emails
Step 2: You can also change other settings such as your email signature. This is set to ‘Sent from Windows Mail’ but you can delete that and type your own into the box. This text will then be automatically inserted at the end of all messages you send.
Change email signature
How to reply to an email 
Step 1: To reply to a message, click the Reply icon. (See right) 
You will see three options – Reply, Reply All and Forward.
Email reply icon
  • Choose Reply to reply to the sender.
  • Choose Reply All to reply to the sender and all the recipients of the original message.
  • Choose Forward to send the message on to someone else.
How to send an email 
Now you are all set up, you are ready to send your first email! Mail refers to emails as ‘messages’. 
Step 1: To send a message, click the + in the top right hand corner of the window. 
Send mail message
This will open a new message window. 
Windows 8 new message
Step 2: In the box next to 'To' type in the recipient’s email address. If you already have some contacts set up, you will see a list to choose from – click to choose.
Step 3: In the Cc (carbon copy) box, you can type the email address of anyone else you would like to send a copy of the message to. If you wish to use Bcc (blind carbon copy), click Show more. Any email addresses you add in this box will be invisible to the other recipients.
Step 4: Click Add a subject to type a subject for your message.
Step 5: Click Add a message to type your message.
Step 6: When you are ready, click the Send icon at top right of the window. (See right.) 
How to attach files to your email 
Step 1: To add an attachment, click the paperclip icon.
 Paperclip icon
Step 2: It will now ask you to choose the folder in which that the file is saved. In the screenshot, there is one folder in the Pictures Library called Photos. To go to a different Library, click Go up.
Windows 8 mail folders
Step 3: Click the folder name to open it and you will see your files. Click a file to select it and click Attach at the bottom of the window. 
Windows 8 mail - attaching a file
It will now show you your message with the file attached. You can now finish your message and click Send
Windows 8 mail send attachment
Step 4: If you receive a message with an attachment you will see an icon at the top of the message and a ‘paperclip’ next to it in the list.  
Windows 8 mail - receiving an attachment
Step 5: When you click the icon, you will see a preview of the file. Click it again to see a menu.
Windows 8 mail attachment menu
You now have three options:
  • Open – to open the file to view it.
  • Open with – to open the file with a program or app that’s installed on your computer.
  • Save – to save the file in the appropriate Library.
Step 6: To save the file, click Save
  • A window will open showing the folders available in the appropriate library. If you want to save the file in one of your folders, click on it and it will open.
  • To choose a different Library, click Go up.
  • At the bottom of the window is a white bar with the file name in it. Type a different name if you wish.
  • Click Save.
Windows 8 mail saving attachment
To find the file in the future
Step 1: Click the Desktop tile and click the File Explorer icon in the Taskbar. 
Step 2: Double click a Library to view the files within it. Photos can also be viewed by clicking the Photos tile on the Start screen.
How to delete a message
Step 1: To Delete a message, click the Delete icon. 
To see additional tools, do a right mouse click at the bottom of the window and a Toolbar will open across the bottom of the screen. Click on any icon to use the tool.



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