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Windows Live Mail inbox

Dale asks:

I used to see a list of emails, now only the current one. What setting do I need to adjust?


Are you looking at the messages in your Inbox or your Unread Mail?

If you click Unread Mail you will only see messages that haven't been opened.  You should see all your mail when you click Inbox.


My mother is having the same problem as Dale.  Her inbox only shows the present message.  I have gone through all the view and drop down boxes checking all the proper places and unchecking the ones that may interfere; it still will not show the list of mail.  It takes it from her server as we have tried to open it as webmail and it is gone.

***I finally accidently found that the view window had been pulled up and enlarged over the listing.

Thank you for having a place to ask for help,

Jo Lee


e-mails in my inbox can be there one day the next day they can be gone sometimes they are in trash sometimes they are nowhere to be found  is there a setting i can alter

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